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Deliberate Mistranslation in the New International Version (NIV)

Chronology of Palestine and Syria, 40 BCE to 70 CE


2 thoughts on “Articles and Resources

  1. I saw the quote on your page from Thomas L. Thompson. I had never heard of Mr. Thompson or the book you’ve quoted from. However I went to the reviews and found this…

    ….To begin with, the entire book sounds like a 400-page opinion piece. There is virtually no citation of fact in the entire book. If Thompson wants to argue that there was no pre-exilic concept of Israel, he should refute the evidence and points of those who have gone before him.

    From what I’ve read of your blog, you value citation, context, reference, and scholarship. I wondered how you would reply the review above?


    • Thompson’s book is a monumental, well-respected work, and Thompson is one of several scholars who have completely reshaped Old Testament studies in our lifetime. The review (Amazon?) sounds like sour grapes.


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